‘Dearest Jane,

Just wanted to say a big thank-you for helping us create our beautiful little Bailey. You have been such an amazing wealth of knowledge, advice & support over the past 12 months. It has certainly made the whole experience of being pregnant & giving birth to our little miracle so much more enjoyable. I don’t know what I would have done without you! Thanks again for being so fabulous & for always being there when we needed you.

Lots of love Tiff, Andy & Bailey.

P.S I have enclosed a photo of Bailey to add to the wall of fame. You have the best job & lucky for us you are so good at it!’

‘Jane Ainsworth has been my Naturopath for that last 11 years. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone wanting to look after their health in a natural way and heal the cause of their health issue. She is highly professional and knowledgeable, as well as being very personable, warm and caring. I always feel in good hands as she knows what she is doing and is always up to date with the latest naturopathic research. I also really value that she always follows up to see how I am doing with my naturopathic treatment. Make her consultations a priority if you want true holistic health and wellbeing.’
– Michelle

‘I have been a client of Jane’s for over 15 years. She has quite frankly changed my life. Prior to seeing Jane I was constantly run down, sick and taking a lot of antibiotics. I now have a very robust immune system and can not remember the last time I had the flu. Jane’s healing approach has assisted me in clearing many emotional and physical blocks. I now feel much more healthy and grounded. I couldn’t recommend Jane more highly. She has been invaluable to me and my family.’
– Michele

‘I was first introduced to Jane 2005.  What a delightful, informed and intuitive lady! Jane has overseen my health needs ever since and when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 was able to show me wonderful empathy and support while I underwent the 15 months of treatment.  As soon as treatment was over Jane provided great naturopathic healing which supported my body and to date I have continued with good health and an awareness of her amazing ability to know what my body requires to stay strong and well balanced. I also experience Jane’s energetic healing sessions which allow me to work through and release issues and conditioning which do not serve me. I am very grateful to Jane for her insight and naturopathic healing and recommend her to you all.’
– Marilyn

‘I first met Jane and starting seeing her in 2002,  a few weeks  after I first saw her, I had an unexpected full hysterectomy, including removal of my ovaries,  I was only 46 at the time.
I continued to see Jane during that time and  feel her expert care and treatment, really helped me to get through the operation and post operation and instant onset of menopause,  very well without the need for HRT.  I was so lucky to meet her at that time.  Today, nearly fourteen years later, I’m still doing well and still in touch with Jane.

My twenty-year-old daughter has also been a patient of Jane’s for many years and  has been helped tremendously during her teenage years with various complaints.
Seeing Jane is like visiting an old friend, she cares deeply about all her patients, she’s always understanding, patient and most of all has an incredible knowledge of natural heath and healing.’
– Linda

‘I have been seeing Jane for over 10 years.  During this time, I have found her to be more than helpful and encouraging. Her expertise assisting me with my Iron levels, sarcoidosis, assistance with adrenalin/stress levels and general well being. I still have regular appointments and now, thanks to Jane, am feeling much better and more energetic. I would recommend Jane, and have, to my friends and family.’
– Carla

‘Words cannot describe the passion and knowledge Jane has endowed upon my wife and I. Her ability to connect and educate people is truly remarkable. I am forever grateful for Jane getting us birth ready. The end result having a beautiful, healthy baby girl.If you are pregnant or looking to get pregnant Jane is your go to person.’ Chris

‘Dear Jane,
I just wanted to let you know what a great birth I had, due in part I am sure to the great advice & wonderful uterine tonic that you provided me! William arrived 2 weeks early on 11th May 2007 ( a great Mother’s Day present) in a pretty much pain free, serene & joyous 9 hour labour. He is now nearly 4 months old & continues to be an unfolding adventure of delight, despite the adjustment to broken sleep! Thanks for the ongoing advice on keeping myself healthy & energised – important as an older Mum – and for the ready smile & listening ear that you always have when I call in for my zinc tablets!’
With thanks,
Trish (&Will)

‘Jane has been supplying me with herbal formulas for several years now, which have helped my health and wellbeing. I have seen an improvement in my immune system and a reduction in sick leave from work, especially during winter

Now complemented with a tailored fitness program from David, I’m feeling great and ready to tackle anything life or my young boys throws at me.’
– Ian

Inside Birth® testimonials

‘Overall we got a lot out of the course – breathing techniques, birthing process, after birth. We now feel in a better position to welcome our baby into our lives. Jane was amazing. Her passion for children, babies, fertility and birth oozes out throughout the entire weekend. Highly recommend this course.’
– B&S

‘My husband and I had been trying for a baby for almost 2 years. I had religiously gone for acupuncture weekly, tried ovulation tracking, undergone numerous tests only to be told that the experts couldn‘t find a problem.
It was at this point that my friendly chiropractor recommended Jane, I immediately made an appointment to see Jane. Initially, we began a detox and started a daily regime of taking some key vitamins to assist with falling pregnant. Within 2 months we fell pregnant in conjunction with IVF. However, this was the beginning of our journey with Jane.
Although longing to be pregnant for some time, I hadn’t really given the birth or the pregnancy any thought. During this time Jane offered great advice and guidance, reading material, specialists to assist with various alternative support such as chiro, acupuncture, birth classes and of course ongoing support in relation to supplements. Throughout the pregnancy I felt amazing, most people say the first 3 months you are tired and some feel sick. I had loads of energy and felt great.
After discussions with Jane and more research my husband and I opted for a natural birth at the RPA birth centre. We then had decisions on our birth classes, seeing this was our first child and in some ways we were clueless as to what happens in birth and the care after so we decided to attend Jane’s birth classes, just another fantastic service Jane offers. The classes were excellent, based on teaching you breathing techniques for birthing, hypnosis and maintaining a relaxed approach to birth. The course itself was engaging, relaxing and informative even my husband enjoyed it !!
The skills learnt in the course were important for birthing and also pre/post birth. In fact the skills are for life and can be used in many other situations throughout my life.
I feel that the entire process has been a calming experience, our birth went to plan and I feel that we achieved this by our positive approach we had to our babies birth and the support, advice and guidance Jane offered during the past 12 months.
Jane is passionate about all stages of pregnancy and offers a service that can support you through this life changing experience from start to finish but to be honest I don’t think there is a finish, I’m excited to start for number 2 and I wouldn’t change the approach at all.Thank you Jane’
– Belinda

‘Hi Jane, I was reflecting and want to thank you for the course last week and all your guidance through my pregnancy. You really have helped me frame a positive mindset and get excited about labour, birth and parenting. I’m sitting in the hairdresser practicing my breathing and thinking how grateful I am to be guided by you on this little adventure.’
– Margie

Professional recommendation

‘Jane has worked really closely with me and the Birth Right team for a long time. I love referring clients to Jane because of her down-to-earth approach, her incredible knowledge, and her wonderful personality. Jane is a great listener, and pregnant women leave feeling nurtured and empowered. I am very pleased to recommend Jane as one of our fabulous Inside Birth® Educators’.
– Susan Ross, Birth Right Australia