Hi, I’m Jane Ainsworth.

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Ever since I was a little girl I always wanted to ‘help’ others. I was going to be a teacher, a vet, then a social worker and finally I chose to study Naturopathy. My fascination with the workings of the human body and my ability to be a good listener made this an ideal career choice for me.

I spent many years helping women and their partners on their road to parenthood – preconception, pregnancy care and teaching hypnobirthing classes. During this time I had two children of my own and while they are an absolute blessing, they are also incredibly challenging and my life as a Mum became all consuming. I can now see how ‘lost’ I was along the way. I lost connection with myself, with my husband and I couldn’t remember what I used to do to have fun!!

My kids are now 10 and 13 and I have moved into a different stage of my parenting journey. Seeing other mum’s struggle and knowing all too well what that feels like, has taken me in a new direction. I can understand and help other women who are feeling ‘lost’ or disconnected with who they are and what they want so they don’t miss out on these precious years of their lives.

This is not just Mums, I see women at any stage of their life totally consumed by the expectations or demands placed on them….leaving them feeling deflated and dissatisfied.

My passion is for all women to be seen and heard, to feel confident and healthy in their body and to shine their own unique light into the world.

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Why energetic healing?

When I turned 30 I saw an energetic healer and my whole life changed. I hadn’t realised how disconnected I had been to the REAL me. I started listening to my heart and my intuition and this allowed me to feel comfortable being ME. This brought new life into my work as I could now help others to tune into their own unique healing abilities.

I had my son Thomas when I was 33 and my daughter Charlie at 36 years old. I stumbled my way through the early years of parenthood, sleep deprived and certainly not listening to my own needs. Fortunately through my own personal healing work I was able to ‘remember’ the connection I had made with myself, but I had still lost a few years that I will never get back.  This raised my awareness of just how easy it is to feel ‘lost’ or disconnected to ourselves, our partners and our children and how important energy healing is.

I love helping women to find their light inside, however dim it may feel, to tune into their heart and their intuition so they feel connected to themselves and their needs. It is so satisfying working with women as they explore their emotions and choose to take the path that leads them to what they want. They tune into their own amazing healing powers and feel that anything is possible.

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What else fills up my cup?

My greatest loves are my husband and my children. I love spending time with them in nature especially at the beach. Water is absolutely my healing place. I am blessed to have an amazing ‘village’ of women around me whom I spend as much time as possible with – at school, in the canteen, coffee, parks, play dates, family dinners and holidays. To have connection with other women truly fills up my cup. Our home is always filled with music and I absolutely LOVE to sing.

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Qualifications and Professional Membership:

Member of Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS 11279)

Diploma of Botanical Medicine

Diploma of Nutrition

Level 1 Reiki

Current First Aid Certificate

Current Working with Children Check (WWCC)