I help women to connect with their own needs, restore their body to feel vibrant and healthy, so they feel calm and able to cope with any waves coming their way.

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As a busy woman life can feel like you are endlessly trying to keep your head above water, constantly trying to anticipate the next wave and desperately hoping you won’t drown. These endless waves of demands and expectations leave you tired, overwhelmed and cranky with your children or partner. 

You end up with no time to stop and breathe and think about what you want. ‘Self-care’ is just another thing to add to your ‘to do’ list. And you feel dissatisfied with your life and don’t know how to change it

As a Naturopath and energy healer with nearly 20 years of clinical experience I help my clients…

  • Feel energised, their mind is clear so they can cope with any waves that come their way.
  • Feel more present, calm and able to enjoy their time with their children or partner and feel connected with their loved ones.
  • Find the process of caring for themselves easy and achievable so they start to prioritise their needs and feel more in control.
  • Feel connected to their heart and intuition and feel confident to follow their own path, discover their purpose and live their life with joy and satisfaction.
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My name is Jane Ainsworth. I am a Mum, Naturopath and Energy Healer and I am here to guide women to love and honour themselves first, to listen to their heart and their intuition and live the life they truly deserve. Using intuitive conversations, herbal medicine, nutrition and iridology I help you build a strong, healthy body and soul so you can find and maintain true joy and live your life with purpose.

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