Who I Work With


I work with busy women who feel frazzled,

forever trying to keep their head above water.

They just want to reconnect with themselves

and enjoy their life again.

stressed lady


Are any of these scenarios familiar to you?

  • You are feeling tired and cranky all the time. You don’t enjoy your time with your kids and you end up feeling GUILTY, replaying the events of the day over and over wishing you had handled things differently. You are turning to alcohol or food to soothe yourself and this is leading to more guilt.
  • Feeling overwhelmed with the daily activities of your family and you have no time for yourself. You feel like you can’t cope with the load you are under and no-one appreciates what you do. You feel drained and forget what it feels like to have fun and enjoy yourself.
  • You are at the mercy of your hormones….by that I mean you might be getting pre-menstrual anxiety, depression, crankiness, bloating, back pain or sweet cravings. You may be having painful or heavy periods which affect your ability to work or cope with your daily activities. Or you may be heading towards or in menopause and feel hot, flustered, itchy, depressed, overweight or suffer with vaginal dryness. You may well be feeling sluggish and suffer with digestive complaints and frequently be feeling run down, catching whatever your kids bring home.
  • You feel generally dissatisfied with where you are in your life or you have a sense of not knowing what your purpose is. The kids or your career has been your focus for so long and now you want more for yourself. You feel frustrated because you are time poor and don’t know where to start to work out what it is you want for yourself.

If any of these scenarios sound familiar you are in the right place. I help my clients connect with their heart and their intuition so they can nurture themselves and live in a healthy and vibrant body. They can connect with their own needs and be present for their children and live their life with purpose and joy.

You are likely to be successful with me if…..

  • You know you are ready to care for yourself and to prioritise your own needs. You are looking for ways to do this and would like support and guidance to make these changes easily.
  • You are willing to look at what you are eating and your lifestyle choices that may be having an impact on how you feel. You are ready to embrace some changes so you feel clearer and healthier.
  • You are ready to open your heart and listen to your intuition. You are ready to connect with your amazing body’s healing potential and discover and move towards your purpose.
  • You are ready to live the life you truly want…..you know it’s time to do it and you just need the support and guidance to get you there.

Now you know the clients I work with and what my clients need to do to ensure their success, click here to learn more about how I work.