How I Work

I help my clients to listen and connect with how their body is feeling,

guiding them back to their heart and intuition……

so they KNOW what they need to do to live the life that they want.

jumping lady

These are the kinds of results my clients get….

  • They SLEEP soundly and wake up refreshed with enough patience and energy to cope with their children and all their household/work responsibilities. They are present and connect with their children and enjoy watching them grow. They are inspired to eat healthy, healing foods to energise and calm their body and the chocolate and alcohol becomes a choice and not a necessity.
  • They have the energy and clarity to cope with whatever comes their way. They are able to prioritise their needs without their family falling apart. They can make time for themselves and actually enjoy their life again.
  • Their hormones are balanced so they no longer feel all those premenstrual symptoms – no more anxiety, depression, crankiness, bloating or cravings. Their periods are regular and not heavy or painful. They no longer feel hot and bothered, dry, itchy or depressed through menopause. Their digestive issues resolve and their immune system works optimally so they feel vibrant and healthy.
  • They have connected with their intuition and are clear about what brings them joy and satisfaction. They listen to their heart and really know what they want for themselves, what their purpose is and feel satisfied in the direction they are going.


I believe every woman deserves to live a healthy, connected, satisfying and joyful life. All that is needed is the right support and guidance to allow her to shine.

I provide a safe space for women to share their concerns. Every woman feels heard and assured that all aspects of her body are addressed – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

I work with integrity and passion to allow women to explore their emotions. By strengthening their connection with their heart and their intuition they feel free to speak their truth.

I provide hope that may have been diminished, that all women can live in a happy, healthy and vibrant body. It is possible to live the life they truly deserve.

Now you know more about me and how I work click here to learn about the specific services I have to offer.