Inside Birth®

Pregnancy is an amazing time of decisions and discovery – where would you like to birth? Who would you like your caregiver to be? Do you have fears or anxieties about birthing? What about breastfeeding? Parenting? The list goes on…

Inside Birth® prenatal classes cover all these topics and more. You will learn deep relaxation and hypnosis techniques you can use throughout pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond. This course empowers you and your partner to have an amazing, peaceful pregnancy and birth and connects with your baby inside and out. Read about some of my client’s experiences with Inside Birth®.

I have been blessed with two beautiful children, both born naturally and calmly using these techniques. After both births I was in awe of my body and the power of my mind – I felt like I could do ANYTHING!!! This is why I teach these classes and why I am so passionate about sharing them with you. The greatest gift David and I have given our children is their conscious conception, the powerful connection during their time in my womb and the way they were birthed.



  • $550 per couple
  • $700 unique dip in/dip out package (ask me for more info)
  • $850 per couple for a private course

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